Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Update

To Fans of 118, etc.

I'm getting another podcast feed together, and depending on how much capacity I can get I'll be releasing S1/S2 on it pretty quickly. If you absolutely want them right now, hit my contacts and get in touch with me and we'll figure something out.

I'll probably be closing the 118 blog and moving
everything to here (but I'll keep it all organized.) One of the things that often makes me miss deadlines is dealing with too much all at once, and so I'm working on streamlining social networking, blogs, and all that to make it the simplest, best layout for everyone. And it's going to be slow going at first (I'd expect this to take all of October.

My current schedule is this:

Now until December 15th, Mars City is Burning.
December 15th till January 15th, MCiB podcast.
Then from January 15th to March 15 I will be finishing the writing on 118.

Beyond that I don't want to schedule to hardcore, but the podcast version of season 3 will start after that.

I'll keep you all informed every few days and keep you up to date on any news.

-Will Ross

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