Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Stuff while Working Towards MCiB Deadline

Listeners, Readers, etc.

Getting ready for a roll out of Mars City is Burning on December 15th, and actually ahead of schedule. Working on a lot of infrastructure/social networking/submissions so things will be fluxy for the next month or so.

If you're a long time P&A reader, you might be upset to see that a lot of stuff is down from here and Y! Associated Content, and that's not done simply to
restrict access. Turns out that a LOT of markets consider even self published/personal websites to be a "printing" and they don't accept reprints. So as stuff sells, I'll link to where to get it, and if there's something you desperately want, let me know. I'm sure I have a copy.

In terms of Social Networking, my Facebook and P&A page are the same as always. I've also added a Tumblr, and a Twitter (thank God for Tweet deck to organize everything.)

If you're looking for 118 news, here is some of it. After January the 15th when the MCiB printing and podcast are going, we're diving into Season 3. As I've said before, we already have a full outline, we just have to write it and I have to tech it.  You might have noticed old files don't work. I'll have a podcast up again soon and start dropping S1 and S2 into it, so you'll get it all rather quickly, and I'll make some other file solution available for long timers who want to grab it all as one group.

Beyond that, I'm just living the life; writing, submitting and producing content.

Talk at you soon (and more regularly)

-Will Ross

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