Sunday, October 30, 2011

Man's Best Friend, Rest in Peace Sugar

'Sugar' passed away Friday night. Going to be back Monday, but I'm taking this weekend to just process that. It's hard to explain how awesome Sugar was, so here are a few photos.
Don't worry. There was never a gerbil in there.
But we did put treats in there she couldn't get.
So I suppose an animal WAS taunted.
Sorry PETA.
"You could be playing video games right now,
Let go of the plastic mug.
I want it more than you want me not to have it."
She made this face when she was testing you.
Robin only dressed her up once.
There was no need for a sequel.
She got it right the first time.

Sugar moved like some sort of puma/wolf hybrid.
She would dominate the crap out of other dogs.
And people's legs, which was weird,
since she was a girl.

Before she was big enough to tackle trash  cans.
Sugar and Cecil hang out on the Love Sac.
Cecil served as both Sugar's henchman,
and scapegoat.
She was the exact size of a pillow.
When she was done destroying your possessions,
this made her great to cuddle.
You didn't really walk Sugar,
so much as you restrained her
during her time in the prison yard.
It turns out you can get to the treat,
if you break the thing the treat was in.
Despite all the trouble, the little fuzzball
was worth every frustrating moment.
It's hard to be mad at your napping buddy.

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