Thursday, October 20, 2011


I haven't done a project outline in a bit, so here goes.

First, I've saved enough upload space on Libsyn to start rereleasing 118 Migration S1/S2, which I should be able to get started by tonight, but just to be safe I'll promise that you can start getting them again on Monday. Still on track to release the full, finished BOOK by the
end of March (working on MCiB from now until the end of December.)

As for a podcast, I'm talking to the team about it, but I'd love to get the last season on audio. I'm hoping the previous cast members will all be willing to reprise their roles (and take a few in MCiB as well, we'll see.) But in terms of Audio Drama, Mars City is Burning will start on the first of the year, and will be playing at least to that deadline, so if you're just waiting for Will Ross stuff, that'll be fresh from January on.

Until then, after I get through S1 and S2 of 118 (and the bonus stories,) I'll keep rereleasing other stuff I did (audio drama, storytelling, recordings, sketches) daily until everything is up on the feed. I'm going to put a little *1 here and talk about that after the updates to answer some questions about that, but it's marketing nonsense, so I'll put it after the stuff you care about.

Audio Drama:

Now-Jan 1

  • Season 1 of 118 Migration
  • 118 Migration Interim Stories
  • Season 2 of 118 Migration
  • Back to Random Stuff 

Jan 1 - Finished

  • Mars City is Burning

When MCiB is Finished - ?

  • Season 3 of 118 Migration? (Pending cast, crew, fellow writers)


December 15

  • Mars City is Burning 

March 31

  • 118 Migration (Full) 
I'll also be on Double Talk Radio Wed, Oct 26th and I'll get links and info up then. Hope to have some crew meetings so I can do some more interesting updates in the meantime.

Thanks for supporting me, 118ers et all,

-Will Ross

1) I've been asked why I don't just throw it all up on the feed at once, and it's honestly a marketing thing. I want to cop to that instead of giving a bunch of bullshit about it. I'm doing things the way I'm doing them because I think if I do it I might be able to scratch together what I need to be alive, fed, and have the healthcare I need to be able to finish things I start. So between now and December, I need to get enough people listening to the feed that I have the critical mass to have a shot at a success, and then expand that exponentially between MCiB and the release of 118. And I need to make some advertising revenue from Google so I can buy ramen and pens in the meantime. 

By doing a daily release, I'm trying to both get it all up quickly, and still give the feed the time and structured activity to pick up listeners.  I'm slow releasing stuff cause I need people to come here to see an ad, to join my social networks (where I almost never talk about my stuff lately, but where I can let them know about releases if they don't subscribe to some other part) and help me do all that other guerrilla marketing shit. The scheduled release is the only way I can think of to get things moving at a rate where I can devote my life to entertaining, drum up enough interest that I might sell enough books to make rent, and start to pay back the people who have helped me out when I was down.  So I'm still going to give all of my six plus years of work, I'm just going to do it a little more slowly now, and methodically. 

 I hope everyone is OK with that, it's just the best way I can think of (besides a miraculous phone call from a publisher to do what I need to do to survive and continue to do this at the rate I'd like to work at. Marketing and business in general makes me very uncomfortable, as does pimping, as does announcing, so if this is an inconvenience you can at least take solace in the fact that it makes me squirmy to even show something I've written to someone, let alone ask them to look at an ad or listen to an announcement for the privlidge. I don't feel like I've earned that, and I never will. So if the dates and schedules and process annoy you, that's why I'm doing it this way, and it's making me annoyed too.  (Also, I'm keeping all the intros/outtros short and bullshit free, so nearly every minute you get from the feed will be the good stuff.)


  1. 118 will be finished? We will find out if Donna the Zombie Baby Momma haunts Jonas?

  2. Yay! Glad your re-posting stuff. I had like half of 118 saved but was missing a large section of season 2.