Monday, December 5, 2011

Why I Can't Do Math

I figured out why I can't do math, and it comes down to my ADHD. When given a choice to pay attention to the shit going on inside my head, or an external stimulus, I chose whichever of the two options holds my interest the best.

So let's look at the two competitors right next to each other, and see if we can figure out why Algebra eludes me.


"So if A = B, and A = C, then it follows that C would also = B, since A and C are the same, logically B and C also have to be the same. These sorts of logical deductions are a large part of Algebra, because it involves the study of-"


My Brain at 14

"Holy shit, thirty dragons are incoming, and I'm just in this one spaceship/tank/McDonald's. The winner get's all the candy in Britain, and 24 ice-cold ounces of the beverage of their choice. The loser, inglorious space-death. Alright, Milton, my faithful and wisecracking  guinea-pig wingman. Time to answer the question 'what's got two thumbs (on laser triggers) and fucking HATES DRAGONS?' *PEWPEWPEW* THIS GUY."

Let's be honest here, which one would YOU pay attention to for 50 minutes a day for an entire year?


  1. Algebra? You're worried about not understanding Algebra? You need to get into Calculus... At what rate does x approach infinity? Or what is the slope of dx/dy as it approaches zero? I dunno how I ever passed a calculus course, that shit is mind numbing...

  2. This is why I could never program. I got how all the pieces worked just fine, but the Mathematics are just beyond me.

  3. I've had problems with math all my life. I spoke with a researcher who called it Dyscalculia. Check out the wikipedia page on it.