Sunday, February 19, 2012

Status Update/FAQ:

Photo by Ben Hummel

1) Working on the Season 1/2 torrent file* now. Those will be unedited, so they'll have a lot of dead links and such in them.

2) In addition, Julie Hoverson from 19 Nocturne BLVD will be releasing them soon on her feed with very short "Podiobooks"* style intro/outros.

3) We've got our samples ordered, so we should be gravitating towards Amazon this week.

4) If you want to order LULU, their current code is "SWEET" which is 20% off. It's not bad but I'd wait for Amazon, it'll save you about 2 bucks. Unless you can't wait or $20 isn't a lot of money then by all means.

5) Our only E format is .pdf (For now.) Kindle and ePub will be coming but I've got to learn the ins and outs of them because they're kind of obtuse. I've got an ePub format but I need to make chapter breaks and other stuff. It is DRM free* and I THINK, that "SWEET" code will get you 20% off.

6) Starting on Book 2 Monday. I'd expect late April/Early May. Then Mars City (Graphic Novel.) Then Season 3. I'd guess Halloween and feel like I wasn't too optimistic. Season 2 will take a lot less work to get into shape than Season 1. Season 3 will write itself once I know the world back to front again.

7) We're working on Website stuff. The blog is still up, but we have a domain and we're gonna have good content. Feed SHOULD be the one on this website, assuming LULU pays us on Monday (otherwise we'll have to start one last, final feed.) So this is what we got for now because we're rebuilding the infrastructure.  If you're good at this sort of stuff, stay tuned, but this will all get more user friendly and contentful as I work through the foundation stuff I always refuse to build.

8) Above but for artists. We're going to have fan art contests, and we'll have a gallery for fan art. We'll even make things cannon if they work (but you're gonna have to convince 3-4 skeptical mofos, we won't give it out like candy.)

9) Above but for fan-fiction. We've already got some from an earlier contest, but we won't publish without a second "OK" from you guys since it's been so long. If you wrote some you'll be getting a "can we publish this? If so can we contact you to be part of an anthology?"

[But if you know me you know my methodology on getting paid (for any fan content, help etc.) you own it, and you get a fair wage for it (or royalties.) So that's not a call for submissions or anything, but know we got some, we love reading it, and if we love it a little we'll show it to the 118ers, if they and we love it enough we might buy it from you, and if it's REALLY good it might become cannon. This book was a collab, and this world IS a collab.]

10) Podiobooks eventually, it's just another system that I haven't figured the ins and outs of. But by the end of the year definitely, sooner hopefully.

11) Thank you. From the bottom of my (and I'm sure OUR) hearts. I've been the thing holding this back (or more to the point, my medical issues) and you guys could have bailed. Instead you were just there, letting me learn the craft I was presuming to dip my feet in, helping me work on my damage, and giving me shit to remind me that I have a responsibility to finish what we started.

If I'm going to write stories about a man who refuses to quit no matter what the world throws at him or what he loses, I need to eat my own cooking. I've started doing that, and it's not that bad. Book 2 is going to have to use a very small font for the "Special Thanks To" page.


* If you do end up pirating it or just listening to the audio version for free, we hope you liked it. If you must get rid of your guilt, go review it on LULU or Amazon and consider it square. A detailed review (and say what you feel, we want genuine feedback.) helps us figure out what's working and what isn't, and is better than a sale in the long term. You can also buy the PDF if you feel you HAVE to reimburse us, but the review will pretty much make us 100% Square.

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