Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Deflowering of Chastity St. James - From Cattywompus

Chastity felt a warmth in her belly as the stallion and the mare coupled in the field.
"He's not hurting her, is he, Edward?" she asked breathlessly.
"No ... he's not." Chastity ran a hand across Edwards bare chest, tracing the rippling muscles. She sighed wistfully. She knew that it was wrong, she was a St. James, after all. A woman of her station could never be with a common stable boy, no matter how true their love was.
She didn't care.
"I could teach you," Edward whispered quietly into her blushing ear.

"Yes," Chastity whimpered, milky bosom rising and falling.
Then they totally starting making out like crazy; kissing and junk. And he took her boobies out. Like right in front of the horses. For serious. It was crazy as fuck.
Oh yeah.
Then they did it, like sooo many ways. Way more ways than your husband does, and they did that thing you want to try and keep mentioning like you're joking but you're not, you're so not. But yeah, they did that. Like three times.
Also she orgasmed a lot.
Then he listened to her talk about her day.

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