Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Play Clever: The Betting Game of Mars City is Burning.

So I needed a somewhat unique gambling game to use for me and Ben Hummel's upcoming Steampunk Graphic Novel, and I wanted it to be something men might play in a world where Cleverness was more important than morality.

A Clever board. Note how you can see everyone else's life at a glance.
That's important tactically.

I came up with Clever. It's a real game and you can really play it, and it's a game that puts your intellectual money where your mouth is with both actual intelligence, and the ability to judge others. It's for 2-unlimited players. And you can put money on it.

What you will need:

1) A box of Trivial Pursuit cards of ANY type
(No one is allowed to have played that "set" before.)
2) 1 six sided die.
3) 10 sided dice or counters for however many players you have.
Clever doesn't require chips, but they're recommended.

How the game works.

Pool money (if gambling.)

Everyone rolls the D6 and highest role goes first, then the game moves clockwise from that person. (In the case of ties, roll tie breaker.)

That person takes a card and rolls the D6. Then go to whatever question corresponds to that die roll (1-6 going down the card.) That is the question that will be used to attack another player.

The player then chooses who to give the question to (anyone but themselves.) The person attacked must answer the question and the rest of the players must be silent.

If they get the answer right, you lose one point (everyone starts with 10.) If they don't get it right, they lose one point. If you get to zero points you're out of the game.

The game is played clockwise till one person is left, (and if money was bet, that person gets the entire pot.)

Clever: Use it to take money from stupider friends!
The beauty of the game is that you cannot lose if you're always right, but if you're not always right you can still win with a shrewd knowledge of other players... Hense the name "clever."

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