Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gorilla Jet-Pack Knife-Fights: From Cattywompus

See, bitch!

That's what you get!

You pull a knife on me?

A knife?

What is this, 

the eighteenth century?

Do you see me wearing a fucking bowler hat?

Keep kicking him, Bobo.

Kick him like he's got all the bananas.

You brought a knife to a gorilla fight, bitch.

Where you going?

Bobo, bring his goofy ass back here.

That's right,

BMW makes that jet-pack engine.

You think you're faster than a beamer, boy?

Cause you ain't. 

Remember this next time you mug someone, bitch.

The Supreme Court guarantees the right to bear gorillas with jet packs.

Fuck the gorilla hating lefties.

You remember that picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware, bitch?

All those marmosets with pen-knifes ready to defend your freedom.

Men died for my right to have a hovering, angry primate for defense.

He's had enough Bobo.

Let's go.


A gun?

Bobo, that's retarded.

(Note: Don't ask what I mean with this poem. I'm not really sure, monkeys with jet packs are just funny.)

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